When talking about their work, seems every staff in Czech Point 101 likes to mention their lawyer. They always say “our lawyer”, but never mention the name. They will tell you their lawyer will do many things for you, and their lawyer charges hourly. Why? Because they want you to believe their lawyer is very capable and is very expensive, so you will feel worth it to pay their rather high fee.

Does Czech Point 101 really has lawyer(s)? Maybe. Will their lawyer actually work for your case? It depends. At least in my case, I can tell their lawyer (if does exist) doesn’t get involved at all. Because the seller already hired a lawyer, I guess Czech Point 101 thinks it is not necessary to have a lawyer on my side, and they wants to keep the cost down. What did they do? They tell me their lawyer has talked to the seller’s lawyer, they discussed for long time etc.. But when I asked the name of the lawyer, they just don’t answer, pretending they don’t see my question. I actually asked them twice, and they just don’t tell me the name of my lawyer. That makes this Mr. lawyer very mysterious: I don’t even know his name, and he was working so hard for me already. But wait, the “Fluent English-Speaking Attorney” is included in the Gold package, and that is cleared listed on their web page. How comes their lawyer doesn’t have direct contact with me? In this case, what is his fluent English for? You can never get the real answer from Czech Point 101’s stuff, and they just put their Mr. Lawyer behind them, and never let you reach him.

Fine, I can figure out by myself, just see how many work has been done by this Mr. Lawyer. Until the moment that my purchasing procedure is failed, I only received one copy of reservation contract via email, which was provided by the seller’s lawyer and got forwarded to me. How is it look like? Please see the figure below, it has only 3 pages, and only the second page has full of text.

Obviously this is a simple contract. I am not saying a reservation contract should be more complex, most probably 3 pages is good enough. Khuppi (Czech Point 101’s staff) told me their lawyer has reviewed this contract, and basically everything is OK, so I can just sign it and pay the deposit. But wait, before I paid that 50% of my gold package, Khuppi told me:

Khan Khup
As soon as you payment has comes our lawyer will check the land registry statement and will give us a list of documents to ask before signing the reservation contract.

Shouldn’t I check those documents before signing the reservation contract? If there is problem in some documents, isn’t that too late to find out if I already pay the reservation? More importantly, why Mr. lawyer doesn’t give me the list of documents to ask (and check)? Does he really work for me?

Anyway, Czech Point 101 just wants me to quickly go through the procedure, and they don’t really care if I am taking risk. I was very unsatisfied already, but what can I do? I already paid them 60,500 CZK, and I can’t change agent now. Having no other choice, I requested Czech Point 101 to ask for 4 documents from the seller:

  •     the latest extract from the Land Register
  •     the approval document for the reconstruction in year 2016
  •     the floor plan of the house
  •     the energy certificate of the house

I am no expert of real estate, these 4 documents are the only few that I know about and I think I should check. I felt so helpless, I paid them so much money and I was still on my own. This should be their lawyer’s work, not mine. But if I don’t do it, nobody will.

What happened next? I checked the energy certificate and noticed the energy level is actually class D instead of B. I think the seller’s advertising is false, as I saw three advertising of his house in 3 agent companies, and all of them clearly mentioned it is class B. On the other hand, I decided to buy the house with 100% my own cash, because I couldn’t get mortgage by now. Since their house has lower energy level, and I was buying with full cash,  I requested the seller to give me 100,000 CZK discount. Because of this, we didn’t reach an agreement and finally the seller went to another buyer.

So my super gold package could not continue, because the house is reserved by another buyer. I contacted Nathan Brown (the owner of Czech Point 101) and request for a refund. He replied and said:

Nathan Brown
We were already about 30% through the purchase process. Our attorney and Khuppi had already spent considerable time on the purchase. Because of this we agree to refunding 1/2 of the original payment. This means you would be paying for 25% of the entire purchase process.

That means they charge me 30,250 CZK for such kind of service. I don’t agree, because my “Fluent English-Speaking Attorney” hasn’t shown up yet, and I don’t see any reservation contract prepared by Czech Point 101, not to mention the English version. “Legal English Translation by State Recognized Legal Translator” is also included in my gold package, but they didn’t do this for me. It is quite funny that he said the process has been finished about 30%. I guess he meant it actually. The so-called gold package only includes three contracts: Reservation, Future Purchase and Purchase Agreements, and they think they are about to finish the first one. Knowing how they think about this, I think I was too stupid to pay them that much money for preparing three contracts. However, I haven’t seen the final reservation contract yet, neither Czech version nor English version, how comes they think it is almost finished?

I wrote back and told him I am totally not satisfied with Czech Point 101’s service, and I request him to refund me 50,000 CZK. I think it was a very reasonable request, as they don’t do much work anyway. Nathan just stopped answering my email since then. I wrote a short email to follow up, and he still didn’t reply, and that made me really angry. They think they hold my money and I can only accept their offer. But I guess I can do something else. I can expose them, and I can take legal action against them.

I wrote again, and explained why I am not satisfied, and tell them I will take legal action against them if they don’t fully refund me. This time he replied, and he said:

Nathan Brown
The two lawyers(Ours and the sellers) communicated directly, modifying both reservation and escrow contracts, requesting documents.
We communicated with him 24 hrs(even after working hours, late evenings and weekends).

What can I say? He is lying to my face. I can not imagine that two lawyers worked together on my 3-page only contract, and Czech Point 101 communicated with their lawyer for 24 hours. That reservation contract is only 3 pages, how long will two lawyer discuss on it? More importantly, if there were modification, how comes I never see any new revision of reservation contract? Did they really find something to discuss for 24 hours, while not letting me know what was it? That’s totally nonsense.

I seriously doubt if Czech Point 101 really has their dedicated lawyer. Even if they do, I don’t think their lawyer has been involved into my case at all.