I am Yun, a foreigner lives in Prague, Czech Republic. I am also a very unhappy customer of CZECH POINT 101 s.r.o. (Czech Point 101) and victim of their fraud.

CZECH POINT 101 s.r.o. is a real estate company in Czech Republic, which was founded in year 2005.

As of this writing (2017.10.16), if you search “Czech Point 101” on the Internet, you could hardly find a negative review for them. On Google Maps, they have many positive reviews (which are very abnormal, since a real-estate company should not gain that much 5-star review, afterall they are not offering the service for free). Although there are also a few negative reviews, Nathan Brown (Czech Point 101’s director) politely replied to those reviews and (seems) explained everything, which make people feel that negative review is just because of misunderstanding, or may be written by their competitors.

However, after using their service once, and made some investigations, I can tell Czech Point 101 is fraud, and all their positive reviews are fake: some of them are created by themselves, and others are created by SEO companies they hired.

By paying Czech Point 101 and hire a lawyer to send them pretrial, I lost 74,900 CZK in total. I did have a chance to settle with them and take back 50,000 CZK, but the condition is to erase all my negative reviews against them and promise not to write reviews for them in the future, so I refused it.

I decide to create this website, and warn people to avoid Czech Point 101 from the very beginning.