Czech Point 101 is fraud, and they mainly target foreigners live in Czech Republic. They are shameless liars and try to take your money with just words. I created this site to warn people who are considering their “service”, and hopefully less people will get cheated by them.

In September 2017, I chose their closing service “Gold” package and below are what happened to me:

  • Without signing any contract with me, Czech Point 101 issued me an invoice (number: Br17100578) and requested me to pay them 60,500 CZK upfront (which I did).
  • Czech Point 101 had not provided me any lawyer, although the “Fluent English-Speaking Attorney” is listed in their package.
  • Czech Point 101 had not translated any document for me, although their package includes “Legal English Translation by State Recognized Legal Translator”.
  • The purchasing was terminated before reviewing/negotiating the reservation contract,  and also before Czech Point 101 prepared any document for me, still Czech Point 101 declared they already finished almost 1/3 of the purchasing process, and only agree to refund me 30,250 CZK.
  • I disagreed and challenged their actual workload. They have no interest to explain, and simply terminated the conversation.
  • Until now, they keep my 60,500 CZK in whole, and refund me nothing.

During the recent few years they took some marketing actions on the Internet, so you may find a lot positive reviews about them. But those positive reviews are all fake (written by themselves or someone they hired), as nobody will bother to write review for a real-estate company, unless being cheated by them.

If you still consider they might be good, I’d like to warm you two things:

All in all, they are fraud and I would suggest everyone to avoid them at the very beginning.